Little people dating regular size

People with achondroplasia have a problem converting cartilage to bone while growing, especially in the long bones of the arms and legs.People with achondroplasia have an average-size torso (the upper body) but noticeably shorter arms and legs.

The ultrasound can show if a baby's arms and legs are shorter than average and if the baby's head is larger.There is no cure or specific treatment for dwarfism that's been caused by a genetic disorder.Little people, their families, and their doctors focus on preventing or treating the health conditions that can happen with dwarfism.Diastrophic dysplasia occurs in about 1 of every 100,000 births.People with diastrophic dwarfism have short calves and forearms and progressive curvature of the spine.Have you ever been in a shopping mall or on a college campus and seen a person who appears to be the size of somebody in grade school but, when you take a closer look, seems a lot older?

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