Kid rock and sheryl crow dating


The guy drinks a case of beer a day, smokes a dozen cigars and gets into brawls in bars and diners.” “Sheryl says that Kid’s one of the most animated, funny men she’s ever met.But when you ask her about any possibility for the two of them as a couple, she turns red and says, ‘I don’t know if I could survive that!Even though I think his taste in women tends to be more “Pamela Anderson” than “Sheryl Crow”, I could kind of see why he would want to date Sheryl. So why in the world would she want to get with him? The pair turned up the heat – publicly cuddling at the June 16 CMT Music Awards in Nashville.“They were certainly raising eyebrows,” declared an eyewitness.Then in a 2004 interview, Crow denied ever dating the rapper, but added: “I really love him – he’s a good boy.” The two went on to other projects, but the embers never quite cooled, revealed Rock’s pal, who says the two occasionally enjoy hush-hush get-togethers in Nashville.[A Crow pal] says she “just lights up whenever she sees Kid, even though he’s not Sheryl’s type.

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Kid Rock (whose real name is Robert James Ritchie) had married once before to ex-wife Pamela Anderson from 2006 to 2007.

agreement with him that if he ever used my song that I wrote the first two verses of and named it "picture" that he would pay me if he ever used "picture"!

So far I have tried to contact him without success, I think I was talking to him online once but he wouldn't tell me or prove it was him?

I was going to see if he would honor his word and pay me for the song I created, but he evaded me that time as well! I feel like I would be entitled to at least 1/3 of the profits that he and Sheryl received, seeing how that if it was not for me then there would be no song called "picture"! I am hoping that someone will see this and will be able to help me get the money and recognition that i deserve?

my email is ([email protected]) and you can leave me a message at 1-506-273-6407 I will return you call! New-Brunswick Canada e7h-1c7 If famous musicians needs any songs written I still write songs so if you believe me write,call or email me and i will try my best to write you a hit song!

Crow, 47, met country rap-rockin’ Kid Rock, 38, in 2001 when they teamed up as partners for “Picture” which became a top 10 hit.

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