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If she stands her ground, horrid attacks would follow. If the woman is particularly steely, the abusers deploy the last strategy – body shaming targeted at her size and colour and whatever. The activist who lectured on online etiquette introduced himself as the owner of the fake profile. ..." Such questions crop up often if a woman says she is married and still post only her picture. A woman responded to repeated requests by a man who was 10 years her junior. The online lover started out saying that he could not live without her and urged her to go with him to a hotel room.Gender confusion A girl accepted a friend request from an unknown woman because the stranger identified herself as a teacher in Thiruvananthapuram. He said his real profile was sometimes checked by his wife and he could not use it to talk to other women. The questions gradually lose its respectful tone until they reach uncomfortable familiarity. That was when the man who was sitting at the next table interfered – "Which hotel do you want to go?The culture vanished in thin air as the preacher stepped up his tirade into verbal abuses. "Women are constantly being subject to moral policing even for posting a selfie.A writer in north Kerala was surprised to see her friend angry one fine morning. They remind the women about the possibilities of misusing their photo and bombard them with pictures of dead women who they claim have committed suicide after being betrayed on Facebook.He had apparently noticed that Nima was continuously coming online at night.This was very unbecoming of cultured Indian women, she was told. Don’t you have any responsibilities towards your husband and children?My family will be shattered if my wife comes to know about it." The woman dug deeper and found out that the perverse man was a government employee.

She had even sent him 300 photos, including 26 nude ones.The enraged woman warned of uploading the entire chat history on his Facebook profile.His voice changed and he started apologising profusely – "Please don’t do that.A typical chat that started with a "hello", and a "hi" in response, changed tone at the sixth message:"How old are you? The woman is compelled to send her naked photos and videos.Those who oblige the seducers do so at their own peril, as proved by the numerous videos doing the round in Whats App groups.They expect a married woman to be with her husband or children in her profile and cover photo.

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