Is diana ross dating anyone


Under the name of “Robert Ellis” (he briefly dropped the Silberstein “because I thought everybody here did”), he got into real estate speculation and began taking over top rock acts like Billy Preston and Rufus.

Now Mahogany seems to be one of the first box office clicks of this winter despite what Gordy concedes to be “the worst reviews in the history of the world.” Diana even managed a pop hit from her first nonsinging role.She has also created a history of being the first African-American woman to be nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in NAACP Image Awards after 30 years. Currently, the 45-year-old actress who won her first Golden Globe earlier this year hasn't introduced anyone as her partner officially.Many of you are familiar with Ross' professional life but how many of you know about her personal life. In an interview with ABC News in February 2017, the actress revealed that she wouldn't mind if she is tagged as single.In the summer, she and Bob whack around tennis balls on their backyard court three times a week; this winter they’re commuting to Aspen with buddies like Jack Nicholson and Art Garfunkel.On their last skiing trip, Bob, the good neighbor, sat up all night in the hospital with Cher when Chastity had a 105° fever while Gregg was away on tour.Well, it is quite a proof that the daughter of actress Diana Ross is currently enjoying her single life. that I was going to win a Golden Globe, I don't know that I would've believed you.

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