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Howard said they had Harvey in there and he asked him about doing the mogul thing asking chicks to blow him for jobs. Howard said she made it seem like it was no big deal. Howard said there's a lot of pedophilia going on too. Howard said he's not sure how Harvey had time for this. He said that's not the way to get them to like you. Howard said if he could have an honest conversation with Harvey right now that's what he'd ask about. He said he'd think you'd want to look at the women. Howard said he's not sure how you get naked in front of a woman and have them watch you shower. Howard said she gave up and tossed away her whole dream after that. Robin said he wrecked the ones who went along with it too. George was saying it turns him on that Johnny was kind of shy. Howard thanked the boys and gave them another plug before letting them go. Fred was playing George saying ''Viva La Penis'' in the French way. Howard said he thinks it would have to do with a male chicken as a cock. She said it could have come from either of those places. Howard said they got a lot of great feedback about Robert Plant on the show. Howard took a call from fake Harvey Weinstein audio clips and talked to him about this stuff.Howard said there were rumors about it but there was no evidence of it. Howard said oddly enough no one has come on to him. Howard said they were wondering if they could hear a tape of Caitlyn taking on Harvey and Harvey runs out of the room. Howard asked if Johnny has had the casting couch thing happen. Howard asked if Austin took anything for his cock today. Howard took a call from a guy who claimed he was his counselor in Camp Welmet. Howard read through some of the mail they got about that interview. Howard said that Tom Joyner has collected over 7 million frequent flyer miles. Robin read more about the Jennifer Lawrence story and had more details about the weird stuff she's had to go through.

George said people don't know about it to this day. George said they have a crazy man in the White House so that's why he's bringing it up. He said some people are kind of skittish or afraid and you try to persuade. He said Cosby had to go through the drugging thing. He said maybe something good will come out of it and someone will think twice about it before doing it. He had a song parody about Fred to play for Cocktober.He said it's really tough to hang in there with it. He said it opens your eyes to the way of doing things. Howard took a call from fake Harvey who was asking Robin about how her slot is and things like that. Robin said the woman who plays Sersi on Game of Thrones allegedly had a run in with Harvey Weinstein where he tried to lure her up to his hotel room.Howard talked to fake Harvey audio clips for a short time. Robin said they had a faulty room key and she got away because of that. Robin read a story about the Weinstein company firing Harvey and he's now resigned from the board. Howard did his impression of Harvey calling in from rehab. He said he knows he doesn't sound like that but it's funnier that way. George said they have rearranged the room in there. George said that he's saying it the way Hispanic people say it. George said only Gringos say it the way Howard says it. Howard asked if he's producing a film about internment camps. Howard said this is another projects about the internment camps. George said that he did do some stuff with someone consensually. He said that there's almost no woman who hasn't come forward with a story about him. am Show opening bits and songs included: A Jason Kaplan ''Quitting Marijuana'' PSA, a movie clip from ''Back to School'' with Sam Kinison and Rodney Dangerfield, a phony phone call to an electric company answering service using Wendy the Slow Adult audio clips, James Brown performing ''Papa's Got a Brand New Bag'' in the Howard Stern Show studio, Evil Dave Letterman announcing they have Billy Corgan coming in today. Howard started the show talking about how excited they are this morning because it's Cocktober and George Takei is there. Howard said that he had a dinner party over the summer and he pronounced guacamole like George told him to and people looked at him like he was insane. He said someone might come to his home and he might give them more than a gentle squeeze. Howard asked if he ever did it to anyone on the set of Star Trek. am Howard said he's following this Harvey Weinstein story and he's not sure how he had time to produce movies.Howard said he has daughters and he thinks about this going on. Howard said he knew a girl who told him years ago that she had met with Harvey and he had come on to her and she laughed. Howard said he has spent a lot of time keeping his wife from seeing that. He sad that his wife designed his wife's wedding dress. Robin said she married a pig and she had to know it. Howard said he learned in therapy that wanting everything isn't good. Howard said they have Eric Andre and Michael Fassbender. Howard said now they're going to find out who is the best penis in Hollywood. Howard told him to concentrate on the Hollywood cock. Howard came back and took a call from a guy who said he was calling to share in the spirit of Cocktober. He said in 2009 his fiancee saw something weird on his shaft and it was like a little scab. He said he had to have surgery and they had to remove an inch forward of the area. Howard said the scabs he gets are from rubbing it too hard while watching You Porn. He was eating a penis pop and talking about meeting a guy over there named Long Dong Sucka. Robin said that is one of the things people surmise. She said a Brooklyn high school student was arrested for sexual misconduct after having a 13 year old give him a blow job in a stairwell. Howard said he didn't see her again after meeting her. He said you can't get a blow job from a 13 year old. Robin said Jennifer Lawrence was honored at some festival about women yesterday and she told a story from her early Hollywood years that had nothing to do with Harvey Weinstein but she was told to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks.

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