Ica stones carbon dating

Also among the oldest is Uan Muhuggiag which is a place in the central Sahara, and the name of the mummy of a small boy found there in 1958 by Professor Fabrizio Mori.

The mummy displays a highly sophisticated mummification technique, and at around 5,500 years old is older than any comparable Ancient Egyptian mummy.

It also wasn┬╣t until the Middle Kingdom that embalmers used natural salts to remove moisture from the body.

The salt-like substance natron dried out and preserved more flesh than bone.

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The last person to be mummified there died in the 1920s.Different civilizations had their own rituals to that end.Some believed that the dead lived on in the tomb, while others thought of the dead as having gone to a blessed afterworld in some far-distant place.It was also drained through the nose after being liquefied with the same hooks.The emptied body was then covered in natron, to speed up the process of dehydration and prevent decomposition.Currently on display in the British Museum, Ginger was discovered buried in hot desert sand.

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