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Available on i OS – Apple TV required Basically Cards Against Humanity on your phone, Evil Apples is pure unadulterated filth and rudeness for up to four players – the first one to seven points wins (and should probably rethink their life choices).You can even play it remotely with friends (or terrified strangers!Available on i OS and Android We couldn’t have a list of party apps without including a drinking game, could we?Bomba Drink remains one of the best and most straightforward – even the seriously sozzled can get to grips with its simple premise: the phone is a bomb which is passed from player to player after they’ve correctly answered a (relatively simple) question. Designed for playing on a tablet, Bloop is a fast and frantic touch game for up to four players who must tap their coloured tiles as fast as possible – all at the same time.Fingers will cross, hands will collide and shoving is inevitable.Each question has ten clues - the first player to yell out the correct answer wins the round and...continue MINDJOB is a party game that uses conflicting visual and verbal cues to mess with your mind.Only a fraction of a second stands between you, the correct answer, and the humiliation of being punished by your friends...continue Well, since the original is so popular, they created a new, risque, adult version!

This list of card and board games for adults was compiled with the idea that the success of a party game should be measured more by how much you laugh and connect with other people, than how well you score in the game.

Available on Android Remember the mini-games in Mario Party (ah, Game Cube) that basically just involved smashing a single button as fast as possible? Up to four players compete to get their bizarre-looking tenor to centre stage by tapping a corner button on a tablet (or phone if you can be trusted not to clunk heads), elbowing opponents as they go. Available on i OS and Android Essentially a digital version of ‘Would you rather?

’ without the mental challenge of thinking up questions yourself, What Would You Choose poses hundreds of impossible-to-answer questions that will help you get the true measure of your nearest and dearest.

Available on i OS and Android This game may well masquerade behind the guise of fun and imagination, but since it basically hinges around your opponents’ ability to lie it has the potential to tear families apart. Available on i OS and Android Sure, you could get an easel, a large pad of paper, a box of pencils and a dictionary to play your own Pictionary-style game, or up to eight of you could slump on the sofa in a post-dinner/hangover haze playing Sketch Party instead.

Connect up to six players per game and take turns deciding who’s got the right answer to a variety of baffling questions. The app hooks up to your Apple TV, beaming your no doubt-seminal artworks straight onto the screen as your draw, keeping track of wins as you go.

) if you can’t actually be bothered to socialise IRL.

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