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The gym is now our Agoge, our training for physical toughness but also for mental toughness.

Where men, both young and old, trained for war we now have to train as if we’re training for war.

When you walk into the gym put your game face one, don’t be a goof yelling and screaming and spitting everywhere, but know that this workout is a battle, it’s a battle against your weakness, that voice that wants you to quit one rep early or walk out of the gym and back to the comfort of your couch before the workout has been fully completed.

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Our toughness, our grit, however, are both diminished beyond recognition.Today these attributes have to be self-taught and self-imposed as society seems to be doing all it can to shelter us from how the world truly is and who attempt to steer the ship in a better direction.Let us, then, look to cultures past and take from them what we can to aid us in our own quest to become conquerers and warriors and leaders of men who are equally as great as we are, or better.1. If death isn’t feared but instead welcomed there’s no limit to what you can accomplish and what you’ll to accomplish.Our fear of death so great that it prevents us from living.Our fear of danger just as grand as it inhibits our adventures and tempers our risk.Of course we want to aid and help and provide something to our fellow man, but many of us, though the times don’t allot us the same violent victory, want to rise up, literally, standing on the bodies of our enemies, sitting on the throne, leading the warriors who fight for us and beside us conquering an unjust ruler and promising to be a just one. To see something you’ve worked so hard at for so long come together and begin to grow and help and be of some service to the people you’re trying to benefit is a wondrous feeling.

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