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Do you just want to get it over with and not have to worry? All of the expats in Prague and Brno who have trusted the experienced Gosselin team, gained from their extensive knowledge and experience to start off a new life without having to worry about a thing.For over 25 years, many diplomats have moved to the Czech Republic to live and work at embassies and institutions.The first of the documents, dated 16 February 1358 “on Friday after Quinquagesima”, referred to Prague.“Being disposed by our own will and infinite kindness as well as by the help of God to better the condition of our Realm and all its inhabitants, I do command: ...Plant vineyards on all the hills that face the noon in three miles around Prague.Everyone who owns such a hill is to commence such undertaking within fourteen days from the date of the issue of this edict.

Although much time has passed since the time of Charles IV, much good wine has been grown in the Czech lands, and much has been flowing, to this day!Why else would he have done so much to promulgate the vineyards, whose number increased significantly during his reign.It was one of the innovations that the monarch brought to the Lands of the Czech Crown.It was precisely during Charles IV reign that red wine varieties were introduced.Prague and its surroundings were suddenly full of vineyards.The incoming and newly planted grapes in local vineyards came from France, chiefly from Burgundy or Champagne, from Austria, Hungary, but also from Croatia or Italy.

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