Graduate student dating service

Signing up for the website allowed students who were stuck with the same group of classmates all day to meet people outside their network, Hirner said.Hirner, who has also used the dating sites e Harmony, Match, okcupid and chemistry, joined datemyschool after seeing posters around campus.Students today are busier than ever, especially with more of them having to work to help pay for tuition.Between classes, work, student groups and hanging out with friends, it’s hard to find time for dating.

seem to suggest that dates resulting from the matches on the app, much like those initiated through physical person-to-person interactions, can go either way.Alexa, 28, and Jean Meyer, 28, the website aims to make online dating more selective for users by limiting the dating pool to users with verified school accounts."My department is 90 percent female, I find it very helpful," said Lara Hirner, 28, a student at Columbia's Teacher's College, who has gone on two dates with NYU and Columbia students since joining the site last week."People are around my age range and looking, and the ratio of prospective people who I would actually be interested in is so much higher [on this website]," she said."It takes away a lot of the sketchy factor, I think," said Jonathan Feinberg, 24, a graduate student at the Columbia School of Journalism, who signed up on the site last week."If a girl's a student at the school of international and foreign affairs at Columbia she's obviously smart and she's obviously motivated so you know a bit going in," Feinberg said.He realized that students who wanted to date were afraid to join dating sites because of fear that classmates would find them out.

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