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It is suitable for most women and offers an alternative to suffering in silence.We have found the Mona Lisa Touch laser to be very effective for vaginal tightening and vaginal rejuvenation treatment, treating a range of common post-childbirth, pre and post-menopausal gynaecological issues.Improved blood flow and tissue tone reduces pain, improves sexual and urinary function and may increase sexual gratification.It is important to understand that not all women are suitable for the Mona Lisa Touch.

Vagina surgery with Mona Lisa leaves rejuvenated, elastic healthy tissue with minimal disruption.As the body repairs itself, it stimulates cells to create new healthy tissue at the site of the dot and the flesh immediately surrounding it.This process uses the same concept as facial rejuvenation.At the point of contact, the laser dot removes a tiny area of tissue.This creates a pinhole around the diameter of a human hair.Specific benefits of this treatment can include increased tissue quality and elasticity, increased blood flow to the vagina, tightening of the vaginal canal and the rejuvenation of aged, damaged and irritated tissue.

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