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Phoebe gets a call from future husband Mike and decides to ditch her friends, leaving Joey to eat six meals.The One Where Joey Speaks French (series ten, episode 13)Joey is determined to get an acting part but he has to speak French.Both roles were played by Schwimmer, who was credited with his pseudonym "Snaro" for the part of Russ.The One Where No One's Ready (series three, episode two)A very tense Ross has less than 30 minutes to get everyone dressed and out the door to attend a museum benefit, but the gang seem determined to hold him up.

The special is scheduled to be broadcast on 21 February on NBC, although the UK screening date is yet to be announced.

Joey admits it's the best nap he's ever had and wants to try it again, but Ross finds it too weird and refuses.

When Ross finally relents and tries another nap with Joey, the gang walks in and catches them.

Ross meets Russ (series two, episode ten)Rachel tries to get over breaking up with Ross by dating Russ, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Ross.

The Friends all spot the similarity and she later dumps him, saying he reminds her of someone.

In the episode, which all takes place in one room, Rachel can't decide what to wear, Monica gets neurotic about a boyfriend and Chandler and Joey fight over ownership of the apartment's comfiest chair.

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