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Skype managed to build itself a huge following even before it was bought by Microsoft in 2011, and the user base has continued to grow ever since.You still experience the great video and web collaboration on your tablet, but audio is delivered to your phone, guaranteeing consistent audio quality and privacy in a public place.The video and audio are still synced, so when you speak your video window will show as the active speaker to all other participants. Security and global access numbers you expect and what’s more, you can use Ubiety as a flawless phone conferencing service with the ability to add the incredible web and video collaboration integration if you want.or start the call on your mobile and when you get to your desk want to transfer the call and upgrade to desktop video?For Cisco video conference endpoints specifically, Ubiety now natively supports “Active Control” capability for full Ubiety participant list access, participant muting controls, layout controls directly on the Cisco endpoints user interface with native on screen notifications for joiners/leavers.From the PC/Mac client or web browser share your content wirelessly to the endpoint and all remote participants with a click of a button.

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