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Most 10XXX numbers connect to locations in Canada, so you can reasonably expect English or French speaking operators and phone sluts.

No FCC regulations, so the 10XXX numbers can deliver explicit phone sex.

This is where you might be likely to run into phone sluts with thick accents.

Charges should appear on your credit card as something fairly innocuous like ABC Services or 123 Unlimited, but it never hurts to ask.800/877/866 Numbers: These are toll-free numbers that have a dispatcher or automated system in place to take your billing information.

Most rely on credit card payment, but many companies accept pre-payment with Paypal or similar pre-payment organizations.

900 numbers: 900 numbers today don't have much cooperation from the phone companies, so they rely on third-party billing.

They can be legit businesses, or just a fly-by-night organizations hoping to make a lot of money before they get shut down for ripping off the caller. One sure bet in this category is Web900, a third-party billing service that offers flat-rate calls through various services.

Open up and talk for a while on what sexual pleasures she would like to experience during the call or what types of sexual pleasures you want her to talk to you about during the phone call.

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