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MORE: Smart Home Guide: What To Know Before You Buy In both views of the live feed, you can tap the [ ] icon to enable a two-finger pinch/spread and use the 8x digital zoom to look more closely at details.Tap either the clockwise or counterclockwise icon in the middle of the view screen to play the 15 seconds previous to or after the current displayed moment.The camera is rated for temperatures ranging from minus 4 degrees to 106 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 20 to 40 degrees Celsius).It has an IP65 hardiness rating, meaning it is dust-proof and rainproof but may not survive submersion in floodwaters.Those with large houses may need to add extension cords to reach locations optimal for both viewing angles and Wi-Fi signal strength.

The web portal at Nest supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, as long as Flash is enabled.

The Nest Cam Outdoor (9) is a solid, well-made security webcam that captures good to high-quality video and audio.

Designed for outdoor use, it's weatherproof, and because it's wired rather than battery-powered, it will monitor your home continuously, capturing 24/7 video.

The installation of the Nest Cam Outdoor follows what has become an industry-standard process, involving downloading the app, using a QR code to pair the camera with your mobile device and connecting to the Wi-Fi network. When we unplugged the camera temporarily to move it to our monitoring-test location, the live video feed was almost immediately available after we plugged the camera back in.

If we had installed it outside permanently, we would have also used the supplied cable clips to affix the long cord to the wall, which would have added to the time and effort involved.

It's fairly large (11 ounces and 2.8 x 3.5 inches) and heavy (11 ounces) compared with some other recent Wi-Fi security cameras, and it attaches to a small round magnetic base that can be screwed into any flat surface.

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