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Over 60%, and the city has “gone Hispanic.” It’s not the same.

Instead of the 15-40% tipping point for Blacks (often as low as 15% for schools), the Hispanic tipping point is around 60%.

She is a community organizer, journalist, Hip Hop activist and the 2008 Vice-Presidential candidate with the GREEN PARTY.

In the comments section, Alpha Unit asks, “What is White culture? Indeed, I would would see attractive teenage girls walking on the street alone at 5 AM. The drug problem was controllable, at least, people did not stand on the corners and sell dope. Thefts are very common, and there have been some muggings and of course, the rapes. There’s a reason why Whites, even White liberals, prefer to live in White communities. They’re a nicer place to live than Black communities, and any Black with a brain has figured that out.

I am often asked what I am—usually by Blacks who are lighter than me and by Latinos/as who are darker than me. Being Puerto Rican is not a racial identity, but rather a cultural and national one. Why do I have to consistently explain this to those who are so-called conscious?

To answer the 0,000, 000 question, I am a Black Boricua, Black Rican, Puertorriqueña! Is it because they have a problem with their identity?

I attribute this denial to the ever-rampant anti-Black sentiment in America and throughout the world, but I will not use this as an excuse.

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