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In response, Kaye said Norton had replaced him to put himself in more scenes, slamming the actor in trade-paper advertisements that derided him as "narcissistic".Fast forward to 2002 and Death to Smoochy, about a children's show host targeted for assassination. Despite portraying what the costume designer Jane Ruhm described as a hippie, Norton commissioned a suit made of hemp from Armani.This weekend, the makers of the new Incredible Hulk film – the story of an ordinary man with a destructive alter ego – are experiencing an unfortunate case of life imitating art.The opening two days of a major movie are traditionally the time when actors do interviews with magazines and appear on television talk shows.So the Banner character attracts a different kind of talent and, as a result, Norton was clearly passionate about it." What happened afterwards seems to fit the emerging picture.

"In the end, I didn't want him to wear those clothes but ...

So one would have expected Edward Norton, the star of The Incredible Hulk, opening in cinemas worldwide today, to have a busy diary.

But yesterday it emerged that Norton has embarked on a month-long holiday to Africa. The movie is competing with a bevy of Hollywood rivals, including another recent comic adaptation, Iron Man.

The press surrounding his curriculum vitae paints a portrait of an ambitious 38-year-old control freak aiming to punch above his weight.

The actor shot to mainstream recognition after 1998's American History X.

That's both a blessing and a curse." Add to this 2002's Frida, a portrait of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

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