Dating your customers

Not only are you competing against all the other matchmakers out there, but dating sites are hotbeds for fraud and chargebacks.Many customers request chargebacks due to remorse or unrealistic expectations. To attract people for a first time encounter, and then to charm with enough verve, to click with enough chemistry, to provide a certain something, to keep people coming back. The whole getting-to-know-you bit that historically happened in person now happens through thumbs and screens. And before you know it, you (or they) are hightailing it in the other direction.

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Once you think you’ve worked out what your “perfect buyers” look like, examine them some more.

You’re forced to choose everything, to do all the work for him. All interactions are boring, unuseful, and maybe even a bit contrived. Or maybe you nailed the onboarding, but then you never email, never push (and maybe when you do, it feels totally impersonal and random…).

You choose where to meet, when to meet, what to talk about and of course, when to end it, which is right now. That’s recipe for an unsubscribe, uninstall, or maybe just a complete lack of responsiveness. That’s no way to forge a positive relationship with your users, and it can lead unsubscribes, uninstalls, and a general lack of revenue and meaningful engagement from your users.

Some lose patience and still find themselves single after using a dating site, so they go looking for their money back.

Others lose track of their free trial and try to use the chargeback process as a get out jail free card.

Yes, being popular is fun and validating, but your Beef of the Month club app (general pun intended) doesn’t need to appeal to vegetarians.

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