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"Continuous revelation" is a term for the theological position that God continues to reveal divine principles or commandments to humanity.

In the 20th century, religious existentialists proposed that revelation held no content in and of itself but rather that God inspired people with his presence by coming into contact with them.

While Revelation can be difficult to understand and can generate more questions than answers, to not delve into this book is to miss the most powerful and important revelation of all: Jesus Himself.

The Book of Revelation, full of complex imagery and vivid depictions of violence, outlines God’s plan for the Second Coming of Christ and the punishment of Satan in a lake of fire.

There is no other book in the Bible quite like the Book of Revelation.

Many people avoid this important book of the Bible because it’s too confusing, or because it’s frightening.

The 15,000 handwritten pages produced by the mystic Maria Valtorta were represented as direct dictations from Jesus, while she attributed The Book of Azariah to her guardian angel.

Direct revelation refers to communication from God to someone in particular.Though one may deduce the existence of God and some of God's attributes through general revelation, certain specifics may be known only through special revelation.Aquinas believed that special revelation is equivalent to the revelation of God in Jesus.George Joyce draws a distinction between revelation and inspiration.Inspiration – such as that bestowed by God on the author of a sacred book – involves a special illumination of the mind, in virtue of which the recipient conceives such thoughts as God desires him to commit to writing, and does not necessarily involve supernatural communication.Revelation from a supernatural source plays a less important role in some other religious traditions such as Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.

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