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Many rejection letters vaguely hint at a “future position” or provide a link to a jobs page telling the candidate to “stay informed,” but everyone knows those are just empty words.

The former conveys that the resume is going into a black hole, and presumes that the candidate will be eager to start a conversation again if the company ever wants to.

So if you're offering your heart up to the WWW gods, don't be too put off by the following social un-graces.

Save your sobbing for the disappointment of bad first dates, seemingly perfect mates who can't commit and the Ones Who Get Away. The Offense: After reading Suitor X's profile, you are convinced you two are going to fall in love and wander through tulip fields while Louis Armstrong songs waft from some invisible speaker.

Cold: We’ll keep your application on file should another position become available.

Human: We hope you don't mind if we reach out to you in the future.

Cold: Your candidacy is not a good fit at this time.

This way, you don’t say anything you don’t mean, and by asking for their permission, you’re considerate of the fact that the candidate’s circumstances might be different later on.It’s understandably frustrating when candidates make it to the interview stage, get rejected, and don’t receive an explanation why.They’ve invested their time, energy, and hope into your company, and deserve more than a platitude.The latter implies that the company couldn’t really be bothered if the candidate re-applies or not.Sometimes, companies genuinely want to reopen the conversation at a later date.Stay away from generic statements like that could apply to anyone and scream “template! By acknowledging specific strengths, you remind candidates of their worth at exactly the moment they could be doubting themselves most.

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