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Our farming practices reflect our respect for the land and the traditions that we hold true.Our commitment to sustainable agriculture and wildlife stewardship ensures that Ashbourne Farms respects the delicate balance of the land and those of us who inhabit it.

We have been selling beef to customers the same way for over 30 years.Clarence Mays 3800 Old Westport Road La Grange, KY40031 502-222-0602 [email protected] Products: Beef Additional Certifications: Animal Welfare Approved; Kentucky Proud Farm Info: At Ashbourne Farms, we run our farm the way you would if you were raising foods for your own family.We pasture graze our animals, free of antibiotics and hormones to ensure that the wholesome beef, pork and eggs you put on your table is the highest quality protein you can provide to your friends and family.They graze on our pasture all year long; we do not put any chemicals or herbicides on our land. Our beef is also certified by Animal Welfare Approved.Our place is great for experiencing the beauty of SW Colorado, enjoying the simplicity of ranch life and exploring the magic of ancient ruins and rock arts.The water in our backyard creek leaves cleaner than when it came in.

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