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Abnormal level of groupthink when ideology prevent prudent actions can be seen in such phenomena as Cognitive Regulatory Capture observed under neoliberalism.Some think that American Exeptionalism is a special kind of Groupthink too (as any other form of nationalism).Reinhold Niebuhr in his famous book, Moral Man and Immoral Society (1932) said that The idea that persons who look and act morally in personal lives, quickly revert to immoral behavior as the members of the group is not new.

In the same way it is also used by various "high demand" religious cults In subtle, indirect way the term groupthink suggests that social groups as well as the society "at large" often behaves as a psychopathic individual.In its essence groupthink can be viewed iether as: From this point of view skeptics can be viewed as people with high natural or trained ability to withstand group pressure. As social importance of group conformity is high they were often persecuted.Some heretics were burned on stake during Middle Ages.The Challenger space shuttle explosion, The Bay of Pigs invasion, The Korean War debacle, Vietnam War, Iraq Invasion all can to certain extent be viewed as examples of situations where group communication failed and groupthink prevail.Although in case of wars we probably have more of have a deliberate effort of the elite to enforce their views of society via propaganda mechanisms.Because we cannot fathom the whole of humanity, our loyalty will always be to a group.

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