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The world is at the beginning of an era in which transgender individuals will be entitled to equal status, equal pay, equal access, and the equal respect of their fellow citizens.

We attempt to provide the most current information, however, we suggest that you might want to search a little more at your favorite search engine to verify the existence and correct contact information for any transgender support groups or resources listed here. #3H New York, NY 10036 (212) 765-3561 TG support group.

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You might thing that this will not work at all, and transsexual dating sites are just rip off.The transgender rights movement still is in its infancy; there remain many challenges to ignorance, discrimination, hate, and intolerance that must be overcome.’s strategic goal is to enhance visibility of the transgender community through publication of related community events. Surely it doesn’t, from being the most populous city in the USA and a global center for commerce, culture, art, fashion and so much more. Most the people here are career driven, individually goal oriented and aim to succeed, and few if not most, want to be rich and conquer the world.LIFE (Long Island Femme Expression) PO Box 1311 Watermill, NY 11976-1311 open, informal peer support group for TG/CD folks and spouses as well. New York Girl & Partner PO Box 456 Centereach, NY 11720 (516) 732-5115 CD/TS/SO support group. Box 45 New York, NY 10014 (201) 794-1665 (ext 332) Peer support and social group for trans people.Meetings are monthly in Bayshore, New York Long Island Transgendered Expressions (LITE) PO Box 3015 Ronkonkoma, NY 11779-0417 (516) 471-6037 [email protected]/TS/SO support group. Rochester CD Network PO Box 92055 Rochester, NY 14692 (716) 251-2132 Group meetings and social events for CDs. Assistant Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry NYU Child Study Center 212-263-4344 [email protected] Independence Club PO Box 13604, Albany, NY 12212 (518) 436-4513 group and other services for TG persons. Dexter, NY 13634 (716) 649-5534 CD/TS/SO support group.Or you can just Transgender support groups come and go.

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