Dating my boyfriends brother


Your ex boyfriend knows you as a person, so the fact that he suggested that you date his brother shows the respect he has for you.He obviously knows you to be a “nice” person else he would not have suggested his brother as likely partner. You can be sure that his brother is “okay” because he comes with a referral from your ex boyfriend, who is a good friend of yours now.It’s been 20 years, so just put the thought out of your mind that you are dating the brother of your ex boyfriend.Look at his brother as your prospective “date” and decide if you are compatible with him.That's the last time I’ll date a best friend’s brother!” —: When you're in any new relationship, keep yourself aware of your friend's feelings.

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Moreover, your ex boyfriend knows you as a person and he also knows his brother as a person, so if he’s suggesting a likely pair up he’s doing so with full knowledge about the fact that you guys might be compatible.

If things work out well you guys can share a big happy family.

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It’s not like you asked him about it, he was the one to suggest it.

If you are still not comfortable with the arrangement, just try to question the reason for the discomfort.

Of course, the only reason he’s suggesting this is because he no longer has any emotional bonding with you.

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