Dating mxr distortion pedal


The others are, in order of completion: Rebote 2.5, Comparous, and Corrrral Chorus. Thanks, Francisco, for providing the foundation for my foray into the hobby. This was my first project of any kind in electronics. It gives me plenty of control, Though it is a tad noisy all the way up. So, I build it and has good sound I have a problems with 0,01u F capacitor and I replace it with 0,1u F capacitor... first i read all of the submit report so i want to thank you for your good instructions. i use tantalium condansator for the c6 (after opamp). Karti permanent kalem ve Fe Cl3 kullanarak kendim hazirladim. C6 icin (opamptan sonraki kondansator) tantalyum kondansator kullandim.

Mods are changing the .047uf cap to a .1uf cap to increase the bass response, changing the .001uf cap in parallel to the clipping diodes to a .01uf for less trebel, and changing the 500K reverse-log pot to a 100K linear pot because even though it means your minimum distortion isn't as low it provides a more linear response.I used 47k log pot for level and 100k log pot for gain. I did not feel a need for this as through a valve amp, I don't believe that extra smoothness is needed. I'd certainly advice this as a first build as when it didn't work it was easy to de-bug. I put switches in for the diodes, and I'm glad I did as it sounds good in every configuration. I got a socket for the i.c and I couldn't decide between a Burr Brown and a Texas instruments 4558 ic. B OPA2134PA because IMHO it had more headroom and more lows and highs. After hearing all the comments of people saying that the germanium 1n270 were really good I decided to give them a chance and I put them in the board and whoala! I dont know who will need 500k but I will use 100k or 50k. i get very trash tones with usig 2 1n4148 i connect them to the circuit same as in schematics one looking down other lookin up. 2 tane 1n4148 ile cok daha sert, 2 tane 1n60 ile daha yumusak bluesa yakin bir ton elde ettim asimetrical clippingten ben bir sonuc alamadim. i put sockets in so i can just swap around without sodering.I used one ceramic capacitor for the 10p F capacitor and the rest were metallised polyester film (the box type), two electrolytic capacitors and two 1n4148 clipping diodes. With a gibson nighthawk through the pedal and into a marshall half-stack it really comes into it's own; very Randy Rhoads when the gains up and slighty hendrix like on lower gain settings. Sounds great on my bass, and better on my friend's guitar so I had to let him have it. I used both germanium diodes and a pair of red leds for the clipping with a switch to select between them. I needed a second distortion box for my second guitar & built this puppy on the advice of a friend. Sonu olarakl yapilmaya de─čer, ucuza mal olan ve deney yapmaya musait benim icin cok iyi bir baslangic oldu. over all this was worth the time, money, and effort.-*-*- A R G E N T I N A -*-*-ARG.-_-. ARGPara todas las personas de latinoamerica, exelente efecto muy facil de armar, en 3 horas ya estaba tocando, y eso que soy lento y principiante, recomiendo usar un pote de 250k lineal, en ves de el de 1m R.log, q es imposible de conseguir, diodos use los 1n4148 y andan perfectos, 7 resistencias un socalo para el integrado, un par de soldaduras y a tocar. I also used IN34A Germaniun Diodes and put a switch to 1n4148's so i can switch between the diodes.I've been able to stock up on resistors and capacitors and various ICs and trannies. I was thinking of adding a tone control with the other half of the opamp, like a tubescreamer and tried a quick version which didn't look like it was working quite right. I drew my own board based on the pcb layout here but excluded the traces for the microamp that the D doesn't need.This was the first of 4 Tonepad projects for me in the past 2 weeks. I'll have to study it further if I want to make that feature permanent. I did the suggested mods and I did use the 500k pot and I'm glad I did. Now I'm going to wait for the Pulsar Tremolo tonepad board. i am from turkey.i did this small project and the result is awesome. i prepare the pcb with permanent pencil and Fe Cl3.I can recomend building this pedal to all beginners - you won't be disappointed.

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