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"She is so one-of-a-kind, I don't know why they're even beginning to risk losing her over an issue so seemingly small and stupid that could be solved within 10 minutes of reasonable conversation between people who need to be there."District officials declined to speak with North Shore Now, but did send out a prepared statement, saying they were investigating a situation involving a staff member at Homestead High School, although they did not name her."District teachers, as employees who are under contract with a public employer, are entitled to certain constitutional protections including due process, or the right to be heard, and we are currently engaging in this process.We are working through this matter — under the process established by state law — with the teacher and her legal and union representatives.Homestead Photos Homestead Photos Some would say generally there is nothing we can make for about it, so why worry.However the smartest individuals are quietly making preparations to ensure no challenege show up happens, they will be just fine.

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Bowers, Joynt and Zelazoski told students that they couldn't answer any questions about Figg-Franzoi due to legal matters.Students and parents protested the decision at a meeting Tuesday, Nov.14, at the school, according to an article in the high school's newspaper, Highlander Online.The tradition involves a friendly competition among students over the most-popular scene in a theater production.The winning students spank the runners-up with a dinner plate called the "Ass Platter."Homestead High School drama teacher and theater director Amelia Figg-Franzoi returned to school Thursday, Nov.Barrada said students stood up for their teacher."Students were crying. We're just really worried about the situation," Barrada said.

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