Dating game art


“But if we can get them together in the same room, sharing their work, I know they’d get excited about making new games together! The event will be styled after “speed dating” events.

You are allowing yourself the ability to make decisions based on your own comfort level and that, especially in the Poly community, is an invaluable skill.

Rejection is a fear shared by nearly every person on the planet, and you would be hard pressed to find someone with enough self-confidence as to never feel the sting of being turned down. As I’ve mentioned before, when you first start attending a new Poly meetup, you’re bound to get lots of attention.

Although I had been a practicing Poly for about five years, I only started attending a Poly group about eight months ago.

At the end of the event, the artists and programmers will mingle and exchange contact information if interest arises. You’re required by the event to bring a sample of your game/art/music on a laptop to share.

If you have questions, here’s the Facebook page for the event.

I look forward to the stories we will tell one another, and to the laughs we will share.

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