Dating for intellectuals


These girls I’m referring to, a small sub-section of Entertainment Seekers, have usually had less than 7 sexual partners. They don’t read extensively or watch interesting documentaries. They learn because they have to, not because they necessarily want to. And for some reason, it seems that this is the ideal type of woman to trust and settle down with.

And those dudes had to work and emotionally invest before they got laid, even the alphas who easily hooked up with other girls. I would say that a woman who is trustworthy and interested in marrying in her prime probably seeks out Information 20% of the time and seeks out Entertainment the other 80% of the time.

These characteristics that are found in most intellectual women typically do not serve a committed relationship very well.

To figure out why, we must look at some of the common behavior of a woman who might be described as an intellectual. I would say a decent measure is by analyzing the type of content a person consumes.

Information could be defined as the following I would like to estimate my own Information to Entertainment value roughly at 75% Information / 25% Entertainment.

Although I could be underestimating my Sunday Netflix binges.

When it comes to your content consumption, how much of it is informational and how much of it is entertainment?

Take any given man or woman, study their habits of seeking out information vs.seeking out entertainment, and you could assign them a percentage value of which type of content they seek out.

A man who possesses some amount of intellectual curiosity will likely feel a reasonable and compelling need to find intellectual curiosity of a similar caliber in his long-term mate.

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