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You can also learn about how HIV affects women throughout their life, including tips on dating and disclosure and how to plan or prevent pregnancy as well as manage menopause.

This chapter speaks to the experiences of women who are cisgender (that is, women who identify with the sex assigned to them at birth).

provide information to assist both men and women in living with HIV, this chapter offers information specific to HIV-positive women’s needs.

In this chapter, you can find helpful information about how HIV and its treatments affect women differently than men.

Both men and women with HIV can have body shape changes due to drug side effects.

Such changes are called lipodystrophy and lipoatrophy.

For example, women with untreated HIV are more likely than men to develop bacterial pneumonia, recurrent herpes simplex infections and Kaposi’s sarcoma (see Chapter 12, HIV-related infections and cancers).

Some HIV-related diseases and infections are specific to women, such as vaginal candidiasis and cervical cancer.

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When women with HIV receive appropriate care and treatment for this disease, they experience similar benefits to those experienced by men.Treatment advocates continue to demand greater inclusion of women with HIV in clinical trials for anti-HIV drugs, as well as for clinical trials that are specifically designed to answer questions about treatment for women with HIV.Back to top Each woman experiences HIV differently.This may be because women are not perceived to be at risk for HIV infection.In addition, women moreso than men may lack stable housing, educational and employment opportunities, and steady income.However, there are some important generalizations that can be made about women’s experience of HIV as a group.

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