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It could be argued that they would be a negative influence on the children if in their presence.

This may sound extreme, but still a potential obstacle for you.

You’ll need to consider not only how your children may react to learning that you are dating someone new, but also how your child’s other parent may react, and how that may affect your custody agreement.

You may or may not let your children know that you are dating a new person during your divorce.

Dating prior to the finalization of your divorce does have the potential to affect your divorce, even though California has a no-fault divorce option.

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FAQ: Will dating before the divorce is finalized hurt my divorce in OC CA?You likely know them better than anyone else and need to consider how they will react to news that you are dating someone new.Even in the instance where they initially filed for divorce (the Petitioner), we’ve seen a lot of unnecessary drama as a result of jealousy which resulted in more time and money spent by everyone involved.Will this affect what we’ve accomplished with the case so far?”As with a lot of different elements in the divorce process, the answer is, “It depends!If you want to play it safe, then dating before the divorce has been finalized is not a good idea.

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