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'Presumably, Viking Age burial customs were influenced by Islam and the idea of an eternal life in Paradise after death.'In her earlier research, Ms Larsson looked at the widespread occurrence of Eastern silk in Scandinavia's Viking Age graves.

Researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden working to recreate textile patterns found in Viking woven bands made the discovery.

Though the Vikings had sacked several cities in Western and Eastern Europe, historians outline that it was in Muslim ruled lands, that the Vikings found 'emporiums beyond their wildest dreams', according to Muslim Heritage.

Historians in Baghdad and other regions of the Muslim world gave the Vikings a reputation of being 'merchant warriors whose primary focus was on trades.'However, writers in Al-Andalus in Muslim Spain were of a different opinion, due to frequent attacks reportedly perpetrated by the Vikings in the region.

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In the Valsgärde boat graves, just north of the key early Iron Age site Gamla Uppsala, silk is found in the clothing of those buried far more often than wool and linen.

It is also possible that the Vikings fetched glass goods directly from the region, rather than waiting for them to make their way north via trade networks.

Ancient texts mention trades taking place between the Vikings and members of the Islamic civilisation, which stretched from the Mediterranean to West Asia.

Kufic characters were commonly found during the Viking Age in mosaics on burial monuments and mausoleums, primarily in Central Asia.

Similar text was found on the woven bands, which were part of grave costumes uncovered inside both chamber graves, in sites such as Birka in Mälardalen, and in boatgraves in the Gamla Uppsala area.

Unearthed in Sweden in 2015, it bears an ancient Arabic inscription that reads 'for Allah' or 'to Allah'.

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