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Men are tricky and complex, but from all indications, you’re going to have to take your guy at his word and STOP manufacturing things for which you have no evidence.I’m not saying that you should ignore your gut feelings or instincts.If he’s not on his A-game you will not be happy because he will not be in a position to be the best that he can be for you. Anything along these lines is the equivalent of lowering your standards. The energy on this earth will slowly drive you toward those goals and you will soon find yourself moving in a positive direction. We met and I did the stupid thing of sleeping with him the same night.Be patient and allow this man his space and honor his wishes. I felt ok afterwards and we proceeded to pursue a relationship but he broke up with me a week later saying he felt I wasn’t invested.If you want practical advice that you can use, send your questions to me via [email protected]

He says he hasn’t been feeling good about himself internally for awhile and started to withdraw and ignore me off and on for a few days before breaking it off, telling me that he wasn’t intentionally trying to ignore me but that he was feeling down.

I am paranoid that even though he said it has nothing to do with someone else that maybe he cheated and just didn’t tell me.

He went on an abroad trip by himself for about 4 weeks in which we talked everyday but I am now driving myself insane thinking he was intimate with someone there, even though he told me that he was not and I’ve never had any fears about him cheating until now I guess because I am trying to piece everything together.

We continued to talk and have sex becoming Friends with Benefits (FWB).

We were on and off for months after I would say I wanted more than Friends with Benefits (FWB) situation.

He says he cares about me greatly and likes me a lot and this has nothing to do with how he feels about me or it being about another woman but that he has real things to work on within himself.

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