Consolodating loan


If you’re currently making monthly payments towards multiple high interest credit cards or loans, simplify your life by converting those payments into a single monthly payment at a lower interest rate.

With a low, fixed-rate debt consolidation loan from First Command Bank, you can break free from costly high interest as you pay off your debt.

A Direct Consolidation Loan can be a great tool to simplify the repayment process and even help lower monthly payments until your income or employment situation improves.

Also, a Direct Consolidation loan can improve your cash flow and lower your debt-to-income ratio which increases your available credit for mortgages, auto-loans and student loan refinancing.

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A Direct Consolidation Loan is a government loan program sponsored by the Department of Education, that helps student loan borrowers consolidate multiple federal education loans into a new direct consolidation loan.

A Direct Consolidation Loan allows you to combine multiple federal student loans into one loan, one payment and one fixed interest rate.

If you decide to consolidate, you can choose your servicer – Good News, MOHELA can be your choice!

You may request to add more eligible loans to a new Direct Consolidation Loan within 180 days of the consolidation being made (disbursed).

You can consolidate all, just some, or even just one of your student loans.

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