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Upmann and Romeo y Julieta, I was given a lengthy tutorial on how to properly sort, blend, cut (¼ of an inch below the head) and smoke (first-timers should never inhale) a cigar.

Honestly, after one strong pull of the Chie Davis is a TV host, producer and writer that resides in Los Angeles.

“Because the behavior of women smoking cigars is seen by society as unconventional there is always conversation.

Women get one of two responses from men- they’re either turned on or repulsed by it, ” says Liliana Cortez, a student and casual cigar smoker.

She’s contributed to media outlets including CBS, The Huffington Post, Brooklyn Review, WZBN-TV and is the co-creator of Ocean Style TV, a travel & lifestyle show with a Caribbean essence.

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Dagger eyed, I was sex on a stick as far as they were concerned.

Cigars have recaptured their traditional symbol of success, celebration and achievement. rituals of elegance and sophistication, of good-fellowship and camaraderie.: Churchill, Corona, Toro, Torpedo, Laguito, Lonsdale, Robusto, and our New "Shaman" (Chaman) Cigar and our New Vegas Chiquititas! After you have smoked one of our Vegas Chiquititas... Our special tobacco is then hand-picked, selected, dried and cured for 3 years with tender loving care.

Our rich and smooth wrappers are imported from plantations in Nicaragua, shade-grown to perfection. International Fine Wines & Liquors, Information about Wines & Wine Testing.

Outfitted in masks to reduce tobacco inhalation, while proud of their craftsmanship, the ladies that I spoke with politely declined on-camera interviews.

They steered clear of contributing any ‘non-brochure approved’ commentary, aside from expressing gratitude of having a stable job with decent work hours.

Though you might not see as many women coming in and out of cigar shops, that doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying the smooth flavor.

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