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is renting out all those AMC theaters and we just decided to be the guinea pig on this sort of video available on the day of release and we’ll see how it does.” Despite her crammed schedule with projects like Showtime’s “House of Lies” and “Frozen,” Bell said she had no trouble slipping back into the world of tasers and fast talking.“I’ve wanted to make a movie since the day the show was cancelled and I felt in my bones that somehow it would come around again,” she said.“This has been the most effortless character that I’ve ever played …I was scheming with Rob to make a movie for the past seven years and when we finally found a way to make it happen, we asked everybody and it was an overwhelming yes …At the film’s press junket last week, I got to interview Jason Dohring and Chris Lowell, who plays Veronica’s current boyfriend, Piz.During our conversation, we talked about their reaction to learning that creator/director Rob Thomas was going to fund the movie via Kickstarter, their surprise at how quickly the film reached its funding goal, reprising their characters, working alongside fans, and more. Veronica Mars will be released on VOD and in theaters on March 14th. CHRIS LOWELL: To me, it meant Rob had tried every single possible thing and that all that was left was the kind of crazy, Hail Mary idea. When you talk about our fanbase, it was when the Internet was sort of catching on, bloggers and that sort of thing. It will continue with the theme of our show with how we even shot it in L. because were down in San Diego for the actual show.Taking selfies on the carpet and sharing face time with the fans outside, Kristen Bell and company really seem to know where and how…More » , starring Emma Stone and Viola Davis, already has Hollywood buzzing with awards season several months out, and there is a reason why: it’s awesome. Maybe it was Dax’s butthead behavior that pushed her into the arms of another man.

Actor best known for his role as Piz in the television show Veronica Mars.With that in mind, were you surprised that it the million so quickly? DOHRING: There’s no way we thought we would raise that kind of money. I want to donate more,” and we raised like .7 million. So I remember the next day waking up—this is so pathetic—and sending e-mails that said things like, “250 dollars! ” And a .7 million movie by studio standards is a very small movie still.So what we were able to accomplish with such a tight budget to me is just awe-inspiring because it’s a big product. DOHRING: But it felt like more fun than the show because we had extras on the set in the scene with us and we ate lunch with, and they were telling us stories about what the show actually meant to them.To me, there’s no person better fit to do this for the first time than Rob because the show was such an alternative show, such a strange show, that it was perfect for an alternative fundraising platform. So I think it traveled well when the Kickstarter was launched. Well, the reason Rob wanted more was because he said, “We’ll have a bigger fight scene! DOHRING: Right, like he said we were going to shoot it in L. now, which was great because Kristen has her baby, and we’re going to be here, we’re all from L. It does feel like a movie while still being our show.And that’s why it traveled so fast and people were able to hear about it very quickly, and we were able to raise the money in the one day that we did. It was like, “Here’s million”; “Okay, we’re going to make the movie,”; “No, wait. ” LOWELL: I called Kristen and Rob the night before, and they were having a panic attack because they suddenly realized this could be a huge public embarrassment if they didn’t raise the money if they didn’t raise the money. We’ve got thirty more days; don’t worry guys.” And then I got a call from Ryan Hansen later that night and he’s like, “We did it! ”, and he said they raised all the money an hour ago. A., we can have palm trees in the back of our shots instead of in Louisiana or in Vancouver or anything like that because of the beach vibe, even though Neptune is sort of this fictitious place, was sort of our backdrop. LOWELL: I think something people fail to realize is when people thought, “Oh, million is this small thing, but if I can get it up to or 6 million, then it will be giant!Is this all a moot point since we all know-suspect-hope Veronica will get her happy ending with Logan?

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