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If your repository is Git, Git Hub, or External Git, then you can also specify branches to include and exclude. VSTS TFS 2017.1 and older versions VSTS TFS 2017.1 and older versions If your code is in a Team Foundation version control (TFVC) repo, use gated check-in to protect against breaking changes.

By default Use workspace mappings for filters is selected.

In most cases, you should make sure that these filters are consistent with your TFVC mappings on the Repository tab.

You can also select the CI trigger if your code is in a remote Git repo or Subversion.

After that, each of your build definitions will run one more time.

For example, while your account is dormant: Not yet.

Select this trigger if you want the build to run whenever someone checks in code.

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By default, CI builds are not run after the gated check-in process is complete and the changes are checked in.VSTS | TFS 2018 | TFS 2017 | TFS 2015 | Previous versions (XAML builds) On the Triggers tab you specify the events that will trigger the build.You can use the same build definition for both CI and scheduled builds.However, if you do want CI builds to run after a gated check-in, select the Run CI triggers for committed changes check box.When you do this, the build process does not add ***NO_CI*** to the changeset description.Some updates can only be done from a desktop browser.

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