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For easy documentation, I can add this preference item to the GPO that is installing my upgrade.

For safety, I can even use an Item Level Target to specify that the GUID needs to match my software name.

If you are not familiar with Group Policy, it is advised that you review the information in the Supplemental information section of this document before attempting to configure policy settings for WSUS.

Specifies that Windows Automatic Update and Microsoft Update will include non-administrators when determining which signed-in user will receive update notifications.

Basically, Java is telling me that it can’t install because an older version of Java was still found.

Even if Java was removed from Add/Remove Programs, it could still fail.

You will also want to note any special prompts on upgrading. Does the upgrade uninstall the older version or does it write to a new location?

If it writes to a new location, you will need to remove the software.

Sure enough, the old version of Java left an old key named “4EA42A62D9304AC4784BF238120662FF”.

It is very important that you test the software in the same way that GPSI will install it.

When deploying software with GPOs, I prefer a separate policy for each application.

Updating software with Group Policy is the most difficult aspect of GPSI.

To make things complicated, the software you are upgrading may not have been deployed with Group Policy to begin with! How can we avoid blowing our legs off when we upgrade? Your first step should be to manually upgrade the software.

When upgrading software, you have an additional option to consider.

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