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(We are not knowledgeable enough to use the technology of smart phones yet !!

)Bought this product online after reading several reviews from m different sources.

Also, the feature where having your phone close to a speaker will activate that speaker so music can follow you around the house, well on the set up screen in the app it never detects a speaker so that doesn't work.

Playing audio on the system has been fine, it sounds good, though not quite as good as Sonos, and speaker dropouts haven't happened for me like other people report.

As soon as you arrive home, LG MUSICflow syncs with your devices via Wi-Fi so you can continue listening to your music seamlessly.

Just tap an NFC compatible device against your MUSICflow speakers to add them to the network for music that follows you around the home.

The sound is excellent but it is a pain getting the speakers to talk to the phones/pads.

Everyone who has reviews the app speaks about the poor quality, I now believe it.

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Speaker looks great and the sound quality is great, the App however is completely unusable which renders the speaker useless.More than half the time you open the app it tells you there are no speakers installed.If it recognizes the speaker it tells you it can't play the for the Sonos systems best move EVER should of just brought this originally The Sonos system may be slightly more money but it works every time and the speakers don't disappear plus there APP always plays stored music with out saying it dosent recognise the file!!I your thinking of buying the music flow product DONT !On the one in ten attempts that it works your best advice is to leave it play and walk away because try to change anything even the volume and it will crash again.

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