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I put all these files into /tftpboot/Open BSD/5.6/sparc64: The netboot process uses RARP to receive an IP address for a given MAC address in first and second stage.In Kali Linux the rarpd is the only supported RARP server.And in fact you benefit from knowing your way around with Pkg in a lot of places: Free BSD obviously and a lot of Free BSD-derived operating systems like OPNsense and Hardened BSD as well as desktop-oriented offspring like Ghost BSD and True OS.But as mentioned before, Dragon Fly BSD uses it, too.

installing Open BSD 5.6 via netboot The netboot procedure is separated into three phases: command; I have set the system eeprom not to boot any device by default so I get access the ok prompt from the Open Boot system. An important trick here is to kill the host server Ethernet (i.e.

I shall refer to Kali Linux as the host server; target Sunfire V100 as the client.

The Ethernet ports are cross-wired between the host and the client.

Enabling the Ethernet on host only after Open Boot complains about timeout waiting for ARP/RARP fixes the problem.

The Open Boot hands over control to Open BSD BOOT program after finish loading via TFTP.

And thanks to the new (and extremely exciting, IMO!

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