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The former One Direction singer created quite a frenzy this week when he shared a photo of himself cuddling with an unnamed blonde on his personal Instagram.

The selfie, which did not include a caption, showed a shirtless Malik with his arm wrapped around the mystery girl. Bryan attended Lutheran High School of Orange County and made the honor roll in 2008. According to the California Birth Index, a Carlyn Mac Kenzie Bryan was born in the Orange County area in 1992.

When I think of how she called you a pussy, I can’t even stand to look at you in the face.” Ouch.

Jon takes Liz aside to tell her what just went down.

Whitney and Sada, fellow occasional smokers, kick it over a cig with the bitter, venting couple. Ghost tries to get romantic about how Latrice smells but comes off like a creepy vagrant. Why do the celebs feel so much empathy toward Jon Gosselin? I am incapable of empathy towards Jon Gosselin, for no specific reason, he just has an unlikable face.

Perhaps most astonishingly and kind of all, Kelsey apologizes for being the other woman to Latrice, as Latrice was the other woman to Kelsey. At first I thought Kelsey was a little dumb, but she’s not. A couple stern-faced “dating experts” from Plenty of Fish are here to help our celebs discover if they’re compatible on paper.

Rozay is now dating a lovely Instagram model named Brittany.

Zayn Malik’s new lady friend has finally been identified.

However, when it comes to “intent,” the two are not compatible.

Because Kelsey wants relationship and Ghost is more interested in something casual, the duo are ruled a red lined INCOMPATIBLE. Farrah wrote about wanting to get married on her profile, which is coming on way too strong, and blonde dating expert diplomatically suggests that Farrah “not lead with that.” Whitney and Sada are up, and their first match criteria is: self-control. Jen brings up “self control.”Side note: It has come to my attention that Whitney Mixter is a stray dog.

My Valentine is Ever, the Guatemalan mechanic with whom I spent my morning.

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