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Therefore it’s ironic that Georgina is drowning her sorrows with friend Robert Carver (Adrian Lester) in the home of one of the most extensive art collections in Nice.

Across 99 rooms, 25 suites, three restaurants, multiple lounges and a vast entrance lobby, five centuries of artwork is displayed as a uniquely immersive hotel experience.

The sea views are a constant, chilling reminder of Constantine’s death on the water as the investigation into the art dealer’s demise begins and the fallout from his untimely death starts to wreak havoc within the broken Clios family: his wife Georgina, spoilt children Christos (Dimitri Leonidas), Adam (Iwan Rheon) and daughter Adriana (Roxane Duran) – not forgetting his money-hungry ex-wife Irina (Lena Olin).

Rich in their own history and spectre, these streets serve as a backdrop for some of Christos’ pivotal soul-searching in the early episodes as he grapples with his father’s dark history – something he’s not prepared to share with step mum Georgina.

The collection was lovingly curated by 94-year-old Madame Jeanne Augier, who still lives on the mysterious 6th floor.

Hotel Negresco, situated right on the seafront, off the Promenade Des Anglais of Nice, is also where we reunite with the Clios family in the third episode as they try to come together in the face of their devastating loss.

Later, Christos will live to regret his frivolous spending when he finds out how his mother has ‘settled’ his €600,000 (£528,312) casino debt.

During a visit in mid August, multi-billionaire Roman Abramovich’s yacht Eclipse (162.5m long and costing a whopping £895m) is visible on the bay – so impressive in size, it can probably be seen from each of his four houses in the French Riviera.

Riviera viewers are quickly introduced to a family of extreme power, wealth and influence when mourners gather at Cimetiere Colline du Chateau in Episode 1, following art dealer Constantine Clio’s mysterious death aboard a luxury yacht that explodes in the Mediterranean.As such, shots of the ultra-glamorous yachts that line glamorous Monaco bay reinforce the wealth, decadence and luxury of the French Riviera, throughout the series.Monaco also spells money for Georgina because, since Constantine’s death technically takes place in the Principality of Monaco, his late wife stands to gain ¼ of his wealth, with no inheritance tax.‘Monaco is the best place to die,’ Georgina is informed when she’s investigated over her husband’s suspected money laundering activity. ’Of course, Georgina had no idea of Constantine’s ties with Monaco, and he even insisted that he was at a friend’s house in Nice when he was really onboard the yacht where he met his sticky end.The conniving duo are trying to find the best way to cheat the spoilt-rotten Clios out of their inheritance.Exquisitely captured for screens by drone, the inimitable blues of the Cote D’Azur waters or the rainbow colours of old buildings on screen sum up the beauty of the French Riviera.Surrounded by no less than 2,000 works of art, it’s hardly a coincidence that scenes in which curator Georgina is lamenting the loss of a £30m Malevich painting are set at Le Negresco's Bar at Nice’s Hotel Negresco, following an auction in New York in the first episode.

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