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As a result of all this, the city attracts a mix of tourists (mostly backpackers but also many older people on group tours), low-budget expats (from guys on retirement to English teachers and NGO workers), small business owners and probably a few sex offenders.

If you want to be walking distance from the main bars/clubs AND from most tourist attractions (riverside, Royal Palace), I recommend you to stay near Street 136 or Street 130.Phnom Penh has one of the most bizarre and interesting nightlife in Asia.In terms of development, the city is still far behind Bangkok, Saigon, Jakarta or Manila: There are almost no skyscrapers, few modern malls, fewer cars, etc.The rules are relaxed: Several clubs close late in the morning and a few bars stay open 24/7. You can get around without a helmet on a rented motorbike. Alcohol prices are low: 4$ will get you a cocktail and 2$ a draught beer in most venues (and half that price during Happy Hours).The level of English is good so you can communicate easily with most people unlike in Vietnam.It is a large square with a bar in the middle and a decent dancefloor. The happening disco for rich Cambodians and younger expats trying to hook-up with upper-class girls. You'll enjoy it if you don't mind partying with spoilt teenagers. Dress code is enforced: Wear shoes, pants and at least a polo. These two venues are in the same building in the expat area of BKK1. Upstairs Club Love has a DJ which plays not-too-commercial music. Darlin' Darlin' is your typical luxury hotel prostitute bar.

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