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When urban VI had to leave Nocera, due the pressure from the armies of the king of Naples, he took the insubordinate cardinals with him to Genoa, where he had them executed.

56); Claude Schmitt, Gai ou Gay, DHGE XIX, 664; ) OFM.

de Lubac, Augustinisme et thologie moderne, (Thologie, 63), Aubier, Paris 1965; C.

Neue Folge, 60 (Mnster: Aschendorff Verlag, 2000) [cf.

Bishop of Puerto Rico and Durango (Mexico) literature AIA 25 (1926), 209-210; AIA 5 (1945), 221; AIA 15 (1955), 257; Jos Simn Daz, Bibliografa de la literatura hispnica, 11 Vols.

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1583-1634) Baldus de Montenovo (15th cent.) Baltasar de Alarcn Baltasar de Baos Balthasar de Carrera (Baltasar de la Carrera, fl.

second half 17th cent.) Balthasar de Medina (17th cent.) Balthasar de Riez (d.

456-473; Wadding, Annales Minorum, XVI Quaracchi, 1933), ad annum 1535, p.

During his stay at Constantinople, Bartolomeo also campained for the improvement of the Latin Christians in Byzantine society.

For Luiz Antonio Verney, mid 18th cent.) Barbatus (fifteenth century) Barnabas Antonius de Pardina (Bernab Antonio de Pardias, fl.

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