Bar refaeli dating leo

Toni Garrn Duration of relationship: 19 months, May 2013 to December 2014 Her age at the beginning of the relationship: 21 The youngest woman to catch Leo’s eye was also the one who came closest to sticking.The German Victoria’s Secret model, but not an Angel, lasted more than a year and a half with the actor.Even before modeling, Bar knew that flaunting her face and her body was in her blood.In fact, her mother was also a successful model in the 70s, under the name Tzipi Levine.Actor Leonardo Di Caprio sits court side with his girlfriend, Israeli model Bar Refaeli as the Los Angeles Lakers play the Oklahoma Thunder during Game 5 of their NBA Western Conference playoff series in Los Angeles, April 27, 2010.

She did set the table for the actor’s next two lady friends, though.But it doesn’t seem as if Leo has been able to form a lasting bond from any of these four relationships, which have lasted just over an average of 10 months each.Refaeli, on the other hand, has had no such problem, having married businessman Adi Ezra last September. Which brings us to the big question — what’s next for Leo?She took a little break from Leo in 2009 and hooked up with business tycoon Teggy Sagi in 2009 but then went back to Di Caprio until 2011. From there she dated the Brazilian socialite Ricardo Mansur.She also dated Shaun Withe, who is an American snowboarding athlete, in 2012.Is he ready to pull a George Clooney and actually buckle down and find love, or is he just going to continue looking for this year’s model of Bar?

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