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A New Zealand woman with nine allegedly unrestrained children and three intoxicated adults in her car refused to stop for police on Sunday night - and is now facing chargers including reckless driving.

The exhibition is produced with the support of the Len Lye Foundation, the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery | Len Lye Centre and Ngā Taonga Sound and Vision.

In 2008, he was awarded a three-month residency, at Artspace Sydney.

From 2009 onwards Maloy has produced many large scale cardboard constructions at public art galleries and museums and for biennials and triennials thoughout Australasia.

Whether by design or fate Zavros’s own (brief) history has become the stuff of fictionalised legend - that he paints only in suits, that he lives a life of unrestrained glamour, that his Instagram depicts his best life.

plays with the veracity of the image and the life, his life, that it depicts.

Each memory of a work is then connected to in a physical manner by the artist and the process of making.

will also be screening in 2018 in the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery’s durational film programme that is dedicated to long-format moving image works (of at least four hours running time) that are screened twice annually on the longest and shortest days in December and June.

'This would have to go down as the most patronising interview in a long time,' another said...Karen Ilya Laing, 29, from Auckland, New Zealand, told police she targeted the man because 'his life is too perfect' as a court heard she has no remorse for her actions and views herself as the victim.Recent exhibitions include: 17 November –16 December, 2017Increasingly Michael Zavros is turning his gaze inward, to home and self, depicting and documenting the Zavros lifestyle in his work.He paints what he appears to have become - a poster boy for a life perfected.Like Leo, she is acting - or as Zavros would have it, this is role-play in Dad’s curious fiction. This is the artist’s eldest daughter Phoebe, the subject of many earlier Zavros ‘self portraits’.This painting sits alongside a self-portrait of the artist (complete with artist’s moniker) as played by supermodel Sean O’Pry; Zavros as his best imagined self.Always fascinated by the interplay of movement and light, this extraordinary artist also expressed himself in photography drawing, painting and poetry.

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