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That really drew me to him." Their friendship continued from the day Theisen moved to Eugene.They went on their first official date on Valentines Day of Theisen's rookie season. Ashton hugs his wife, Canada's Brianne Theisen Eaton, after she won the women's 800-meter sprint of the pentathlon and the overall pentathlon event at the World Indoor Athletics Championships in Portland Ashton and Brianne pictured after the women's heptathlon 800-meter heat in Rio. Ashton Eaton really can't envision accomplishing much more in an event that comes with the label of world's greatest athlete.Ashton Eaton, the new world record holder in the decathlon, cried to girlfriend fellow Olympian Brianne Theisen when he set the astounding record in the Olympic Trials in Oregon just before heading to London.The pair attended the University of Oregon together and were engaged before they decided to put their wedding on hold.Also because I thought he was really good looking too.

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He leaves with his world record standing at 9,045 points, which he achieved at the 2015 world championships in Beijing.The two would meet again at the Pan American junior championships that summer in Brazil."My dad was on the [Oregon] visit with me and he had remembered Ashton, and said 'Oh that Ashton kid, the decathlete that we met at the U of O is going to be at this Pan Am thing in Brazil,"' Theisen said.Their plans almost took a tragic turn a couple of months ago when Theisen nearly speared her fiancé with a javelin. Eaton had walked out to retrieve his javelin while Theisen was still throwing. Eaton made like Keanu Reeves in and bent his body out of harm's way and the eight-foot metal missile just grazed his upper lip. "I shouldn't have allowed that, he shouldn't have been there, and Brianne shouldn't have thrown. "He's such a great athlete, that probably showed his athleticism more than the world record did, because it was bee-lining right for him and he ducked." Their accomplishments at athletic events have generated more pleasant memories. Theisen and Eaton's mom Roslyn rushed to the finish line of the 1,500 metres — the final competition of the gruelling 10-event decathlon. "I know how hard he works, and I see him at practice every day, and see him doing all this stuff, and to see that come true is so cool," Theisen said. "I laughed, 'This is nothing like Playboy Ashton, I wouldn't want to do Playboy either."' Theisen said despite Eaton's profile, she never feels she has to share him."You think, I can't even imagine how that would feel like." The world record launched Eaton into U. "Sometimes he gets busy and I don't see him a lot, but I have him for the rest of my life," she said."I have to work more to be more powerful," she said.

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