Are you dating a sociopath

He or she will most likely flip from one interest to the next with no care for the chaos left behind. In my relationship(s) with a sociopath, I noticed seemingly huge life changes were handled with a shoulder shrug of indifference and an, “It is what it is” attitude.

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Physical and sexual behavior can be a currency to a sociopath and is often of the highest priority.

In my experiences with sociopathic behavior, sex was the only “love language” spoken.

Everything came down to either my being a “good girlfriend and respecting his needs and wanting the same” or “rejection.”.

I’ve realized from some of my relationship experiences that is quite possible to date someone sociopathic or with sociopathic tendencies.

It is nothing like the movies and “NCIS” episodes, so I share some examples of what “real life” sociopathic behavior can look like.

It is important to realize that the depths of true apologies, sincerity, and willingness to change—to show true remorse—is never present.

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