Are selena and taylor lautner dating 2016


Until her music stops sounding like a teenage diary, it's hard to imagine her maintaining a grown-up relationship.

Beyond her romantic relationships, Swift has developed a habit in recent years of calling people out for their alleged mistakes.

Say one wrong thing to, let's say, Selena Gomez, and suddenly you've got the "Bad Blood" music video all over again.

Like everyone else, Swift is eventually going to have to decide if she wants to make her girlfriends or her boyfriend a priority.

At this point, if Swift wants a relationship to work, she's either going to need to find a guy who is equally accustomed to the fame and doesn't mind it or someone who has mastered how to rise above Hollywood and all its nonsense.

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Yes, that's normal for any 26-year-old, but when you jump from a scrappy DJ to a highfalutin thespian within weeks, you're telling the world you'll court just about anyone until you find your Prince Charming.

But for now, she's smack dab in the center of the spotlight, and that can be a very intense experience for someone who's not into that level of scrutiny.

Her relationship with Harris reportedly ended, in part, because he just wanted to do his DJ thing and skip all of those red carpets.

For example, Swifties say "We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together" was probably written about Gyllenhaal and "Style" was supposedly all about Styles.

Swift has written about so many exes that every time she breaks up with one, the joke becomes, "Well, we look forward to hearing the song she writes about him." (We're looking at you, Harris.) With that said, why would any guy in their right mind want to put themselves at risk of landing in one of Swift's breakup hits?

One day, she's going to the zoo with the love of her life, and the next day, she's battling break-up stories in the tabloids.

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