Are kelly and val dating


Although Kelly is not too open to public, she was assumed allegedly being linked with some celebrities.Here is the bunch of information we collected about her dating history till date!It is not the time just to speculate, as we have seen Monaco playing with Billy in bikini.

Val has been pretty lucky in the chemistry department, having it in very different ways with Kelly Monaco, Zendaya, Sherri Shepherd, and Elizabeth.According to the source, the duo was in same school and graduated in the same year.Further, it is also mentioned that the duo started dating in the year 1991, and after 18 years broke up in the year 2010.Val told Christine “I’m not dating” anyone, but he added that he doesn’t have time to commit to a relationship right now. But then he also said he’s “romantic” and “very interested” in marriage and wants to be a great dad like his own father.The actress has revisited romances before; in 2012, Kelly briefly got back together with former flame Chris Evans after the pair parted ways in 2007."He's felt a lot, he's gained a lot, he's had an incredible time, but he's also felt a lot of disappointment,” Val said.

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