Apple backdating scandal

Apple and AT&T’s 2,000 stores would have been overflowing with hundreds of i Phones per store sitting in stock, just like the 30,000 retail outlets that have piles of Xbox 360s, Zunes, and Play Station 3s sitting around, but no Wii consoles for love nor money.

If Apple wanted to impress dittohead idiots with a ”braggart“ number, it could have shipped three million units to its stores and released a Microsoft press release announcing 3,000,000 i Phones Shipped!

At the center of all this false information is The Street, which has published ”whispering information“ on Apple from anonymous sources for years.

The Street is an advertisement for investment advice, but the advice it gives has been wrong over and over.

But many stores were sold out of inventory on Saturday, and continued to flutter in availability for weeks.

If Apple had ran into far less demand than it had anticipated, it wouldn’t have sold out its i Phone inventory anywhere.

Neil Cavuto isn’t a sharp tongued commentator sowing extremist ideas, he’s a rather dull anchor trying to appear informed and simply failing at it.

Microsoft disclosed and ended the practice in 1999, taking a 7 million charge.

But Apple isn’t pretending to sell things by confusing the public on shipment figures; it’s building a profitable business offering products people really want and are satisfied with after buying. [Ten Myths of the Apple TV: Xbox and Hardware] Extreme Cluelessness.

While Fox takes a beating for presenting extremist hate speech and working to create a climate of fear, its reports on the i Phone were unlikely to be purposeful misinformation.

This is a multifaceted lie that is absurd on its face.

Each participant has its own self serving motives for presenting this false information.

That’s because they are not based on hard information, but are invented out of thin air to create a stock response that can be exploited.

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